Coffee & free PR check!

Mads 5 juli 2016 copyNaturally, I offer you and your business a free PR-check if you give a cup of coffee in return – we will find at least one good topic for an effective press release!
Call 22 14 13 00 or write to me at – so we can agree on a PR visit and PR-check in your business, focusing on your challenges – in Aalborg, North Jutland or in the rest of Denmark.
You get:
• My undivided attention for an hour.
• A sea of PR-relevant questions.
• My immediate assessment of which of your business stories that for PR purposes should be of interest to TV, newspapers and magazines, etc.
• My suggestions for how your PR suitable message is delivered most effectively to the relevant media, if necessary as a press release -event or the like.
• My bids for which media should be interested in a targeted and effective PR campaign.
• Finally, I also make you an offer for the possible PR campaign
Contact us here to get an offer for researching, drafting and pitching of a press release, email:
PR is timing:
The real story – for the right media – At the right time